Why Every Marketing Service Provider Should Study Direct Mail (Even If You Never Plan To Mail Anything)

Here's just some of what you'll find in this training:

How to turn a conventional marketing approach into an unexpected advantage? 

Master the art of direct mail in an increasingly digital world, and find out how this 'old-school' method can yield new opportunities and surprising successes for your clients.

Frustrated with fleeting digital interactions?

Discover how direct mail creates meaningful, tactile customer experiences that leave a lasting impression, building stronger bonds than ephemeral digital communications.

Want to stay ahead in a competitive market? 

Unlock the secrets of direct mail's unique appeal and effectiveness, giving you an edge in a landscape dominated by digital strategies, and setting your agency apart as a leader in innovative marketing solutions.

Seeking innovative client retention strategies? 

Explore how direct mail can be the secret weapon in your arsenal, creating lasting impressions and deeper connections with your clients, leading to sustained business relationships and reduced churn.

Want to enhance your campaign planning skills? 

Dive into the detail-oriented world of direct mail, where meticulous planning leads to extraordinary campaign success across all media - an approach that transforms good marketers into great strategists.

Discover Your Marketing Service's Secret Weapon Taught Through the Lens of Direct Mail

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I'm Your Host, David Foley

For more than 40 years I've been in the direct mail trenches, doing time at one of the world's top advertising agencies, teaching seminars at York University in Toronto, and I even penned a book – Postal Mail Profits in a Digitally Obsessed Age

Today I work with marketers and agency owners who are truly dedicated to expanding their direct mail marketing chops.

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